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The Development of management has helped to create unification, and the coordination of group events... Quotes taken from an October (year not identified) Fortune magazine article by Matthew Boyle.

In order for an organization to have effective management, it must have a well-designed management process (Koontz & Weihrich, 1990). Retrieved on November 27, 2004 from development (OD) interventions which are “intended to make an organization and its constituent parts self-conscious with respect to how results are accomplished and how individuals and groups relate to each other” (Leach, 1978, p. “ OD interventions involve respect for people, a climate of trust and support, shared power, open confrontation of issues, and the active participation of stakeholders” (Justo, 2009, ¶ 1).

What terms and/or concepts are common to many OD definitions? They involve a preliminary evaluation of the organization’s opportunities for development, while establishing a collaborative relationship .

Understanding the appropriate change method for the client was an essential part of Kindred’s job functions, which she knew from the start, she could not do on her own.

For example, the design of the office building by an engineer; if the engineer does not adequately design the office building for the various types of occupants, it could prove catastrophic. This will be responsible for technical requirements, which will pave the way for a disciplined, systematic approach to analyzing, identifying, and controlling hazards throughout the mission application.

In a sense, the management model can perhaps offer a similar view or perspective in much the same way; in its design to fit the overall purpose of the organization. Organization Development (OD) bridges the gap between technological-structural elements at the organizational level, and the human-process elements at the individual level.Organizational development is perhaps unequaled in its ability to meet any type of organization needs.However, the solutions developed from the role of OD may not be necessarily interchangeable with different organizations (Grant, 2010).Organizational change includes such concepts as first-order; incremental, continuous change and second-order, transformational sustained competitive advantage and what is the role of human resources in achieving this? How might the Human Resource & Organization Development EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis paper has been completed to address the question of efficient attraction and retention practices to compose and maintain the optimum quality and quantity of employees in organization, as well as the role and mutual effort of Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Development (OD) specialists in defining criteria to the right workforce and overcoming challenges with relevant Entering and contracting Entering and contracting are the initial steps taken in the OD process, and is considered by many as one the most important steps of the process.In words or in a diagram show the relationship between human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD) and organization development (OD). The entering and contracting step will be utilized to set the pace and lay the foundation for the practitioner client relationship.Over the years there have been implementation of the later two methods has a higher chance of facing resistance towards the restructuring of organization. Organization development, according to Richard Beckhard (1969), is defined as a planned effort, organization-wide, managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health, through planned interventions in the organization's 'processes', using behavioural science Experimental Approach to Organizational Development, 6th ed. This essay will discuss and critique planned change models and their effectiveness in a rapidly changing environment.As is proably between 20 and 25.” The speed of global, economic, and techological development makes change an ineveitable element of organiztional life.Change is a pervasive, perisitent, and permenant condition for all organizations (Gibson, et al., 2009).Organizational change means different things, and strategic renewal comes in different forms.However, in today’s paradigms, there are specialists whom develop techniques to deliver the perfect organizational systems.Many theorist beliefs are contrary to those of classical theorists.


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