Organic Chemistry 1 Lab Reports

Organic Chemistry 1 Lab Reports-90
Your discussion and conclusion sections will be based on what you write in the observation section.You MUST write your observations and results directly in your lab report book.

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These questions serve to focus your attention on the main concepts of the experiment.

Results Table, Data, Observations, Calculations, and Products Record all observations as your experiment progresses.

Remember to include the units of measure and plot the dependent variable on the y-axis and the independent variable on the x-axis. When writing your discussion, avoid the use of first person pronouns e.g. In the discussion, you are correlating all your results and showing how they relate to your objective. Remember to attach any spectroscopic data (IR or NMR) that you obtained during the lab class.

Be sure to ascertain what type of graph is required e.g. If you do not attach this data, the discussion in the report is meaningless and you will likely receive no marks!

The objective of this experiment is to determine the identity of Compound A using functional group tests and to confirm its structure by using infrared and NMR spectroscopy.

This is a list of all the compounds that you will encounter during a particular experiment.If you do not complete a pre-lab, you will NOT be allowed to start the experiment and you will receive a score of zero!Objective only and state the purpose or goal of the experiment you are about to carry out e.g.You are required to state the origin of all your resource/ reference material.List your references in the following order: author, book/ journal name, year, and page numbers.Ethyl 4-methoxycinnamate: 4-methoxycinnamic acid (0.60 g, 3.36 mmol) was dissolved in dry N, N-dimethylformamide (10 m L) in a 25 m L round-bottomed flask.Cesium carbonate (1.65 g, 5.06 mmol) followed by iodoethane (1.0 m L, 12.5 mmol) were added.The flask was vigorously stirred and slightly heated at 50 ºC for 1 hour.The product was cooled to room temperature and extracted with a 3:1 solution of hexanes:ethyl acetate.Accurately and neatly record your observations immediately after you observe them. Remember to use the correct units and significant numbers when recording data.If you delay recording an observation, you may forget later which could lead to difficulty writing up your discussion and conclusion sections. Do not forget to include your calculations such as yields. If data needs to be recorded graphically, ensure that: 1) a uniform scale is used, 2) you use the whole graph paper, 3) the graph has a title and 4) both the x- and y-axis are labeled. Discussion and Conclusion Using complete sentences, you need to discuss the following: You need to convince the reader (your TA) that your procedure and observations are valid.


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