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Myriota currently offers plans of AU0 a month for 1MB of data or 50,000 messages, 10,000 message or 200k B of data for AU5 each month, 1,000 message or 20k B of data for AU a month, or 10,000 messages to be used over a 12 month window for AU0.Optus Business will also offer the plans to its customers.

The deal came as Optus neared capacity in its existing Sydney and Melbourne facilities, which were built specifically for Optus and Alphawest.

Optus Business vice president Ian Smith said the Next DC deal gave the business an expanded footprint across Australia, but did not mean that Optus would stop building its own facilities. He said it could be cheaper to use an in-house data centre if there was sufficient demand.

Singtel Group Enterprise chief executive officer Bill Chang said it had 136 points of presence in 80 cities and a total of 12 data centres, including two in Australia.

“Increasingly our customers are saying, ‘we don’t just want you to do it domestically; we want you to do it regionally’,” Paitaridis said.

Satellite Io T startup Myriota raises $15m Boeing Horizon X Ventures has kicked in to help raise $15 million to fund Australian startup Myriota, which is aiming to provide Io T connectivity via nano-satellites.

Australian Institute of Marine Science trials Io T drifters to monitor oceans Ocean sensors phone home using low Earth orbiting satellites.The group-wide restructure was expected to cost million.It resulted in 962 job cuts in the 2012 calendar year.Optus Business has closed the books on a year-long divisional restructure to integrate subsidiary Alphawest and better align with parent Singtel Group Enterprise.Since April last year, the Singtel Optus group shaped itself into three major divisions: consumer, digital life and ICT, with the latter comprising Alphawest and Optus Business.Paitaridis said NCS’ Australian workforce was “hundreds” strong and would scale in accordance with Optus’ ambitions.Paitaridis said the restructure had called for a significant training program that would continue throughout this year, including face-to-face and i Pad-based lessons.Internet of Things (Io T) technology startup Myriota has signed an agreement with Optus Business to add mobile connectivity to its plans.The new connectivity will be offered at no extra cost to Myriota customers, with the pair to hit the market with four plans that offer direct satellite connectivity from Myriota with the potential addition of dual SIM 4G and 5G connectivity or dual SIM NBIo T connectivity.“Customers in this converged world don’t just talk about a network or a mobile phone plan or a bit of bandwidth,” he said.“They want our organisation to increasingly talk to them about how to solve business problems and business challenges; how do you put in devices, applications, software; how do you open up a service.” The restructure also supports Optus’ increasingly regional approach to service delivery, under which its 3000 Australian business and government customers have access to some 13,000 ICT professionals around the world.


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