Optus Business Mobile Phone Plans

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If you’re experiencing coverage problems with your existing service, you should contact your provider.

There are steps they will need to take to determine the issue, including assessing whether there’s a fault with your handset, before determining how the matter can be resolved.

The term “4G” stands for fourth-generation, and refers to speed in which your mobile accesses the internet.

Faster than its 3G predecessor, it can clock data speeds up to 100mbps, with a minimum latency (delay) of 10 milliseconds. Already being tested by some providers in different regions throughout Australia, it’s anticipated to be commercially available by 2020.

Does your network provider have an agreement with any of the providers in that country?

This information may also determine the expense of your plan; if the agreement is expensive for your provider, some of those costs may be passed down in the plans.

A SIM only plan provides you with a SIM card with a set amount of mobile data, talk time and text.

Some providers may offer other inclusions, such as free access to different apps and services depending on their agreements.

Mobile technology has advanced significantly over the years, with different levels of speed and capability progressively being released.

At present, 4G is the standard within Australia for mobile data.


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