Optimist Essay 2009

Optimist Essay 2009-1
Despite calamities from economic recessions, wars and famine to a flu epidemic afflicting the Earth, a new study from the University of Kansas and Gallup indicates that humans are by nature optimistic.

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However, not everyone has the time to fully commit as a regular Member of an Optimist Club or perhaps they live in an area that does not have an Optimist Club.

Joining as a Friend of Optimists allows people to Bring Out the Best in Kids apart from Club affiliation. Of this amount, $40 will go back to the local Optimist Club if the Club is mentioned on the application.

Demographic factors (age and household income) appear to have only modest effects on individual levels of optimism.

Some calves are inherently optimistic or pessimistic, just as humans are, a new study has found.

Theirs is a rose-colored world in which the technological revolution is seen as improving the general lot of mankind and bringing about a better order.

If something has to give, then the old ways be damned!

Do Friend of Optimists count towards Membership totals for Awards purposes?

Yes, during the 2008-2009 Optimist Year, Friends of Optimists will be counted for Awards purposes.

I invite reader input] __________ The impact of technological change on culture, learning, and morality has long been the subject of intense debate, and every technological revolution brings out a fresh crop of both pessimists and pollyannas. Those who fear the sweeping changes brought about by this technology see a sky that is about to fall.

Indeed, a familiar cycle has repeat itself throughout history whenever new modes of production (from mechanized agriculture to assembly-line production), means of transportation (water, rail, road, or air), energy production processes (steam, electric, nuclear), medical breakthroughs (vaccination, surgery, cloning), or communications techniques (telegraph, telephone, radio, television) have appeared on the scene. These “techno-pessimists” predict the death of the old order (which, ironically, is often a previous generation’s hotly-debated technology that others wanted slowed or stopped).


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