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Using the Kaplan Nursing School Admissions Test, colleges around the country assess the potential for a student to succeed in nursing school.It measures performance and gaps in the areas of reading, writing, math, science, and critical thinking.The Nursing Entrance Test (NET) is another commonly used exam that covers basic high school-level knowledge in the topics of reading and math.

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Below are the conditions that entitle the students for additional points.

• For scientific achievements, 5 points are given, if the student has a ranking at OTDK (National Scientific Student Competition) or national equivalent.

Written part: An essay to be sent via E-mail (most likely will take place in June) Applicants are expected to do a case-study analysis on general social and economic topics so that they provide an independent, logically founded and professionally defendable standpoint on the issue in question.

Applicants in the analysis are expected to use concepts and methods of the economic literature profoundly.

• For sport achievements earned within 3 years before the application, 5 points are given for a ranking better than fourth at World and European Championships and 3 points for the same results at national championships, if the competition is organised by the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympics Committee, the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, or the FIDE. • For language competences, 3 points are given for a second exam certificate of type “C” intermediate level, acknowledged by the Hungarian state, from any living foreign language, and 5 points for the same type at advanced level.

If the student has more certificates from a language, the higher is counted.

A certificate of type “A” or “B”, intermediate or advanced, can be accepted to earn 3 or 5 points, respectively, if the student has an official report on not being able to pass the other type for his or her special educational needs.

• The conditions of giving additional points within the frames of positive discrimination are the following: a, 4 extra points are given for a disadvantaged applicant b, 8 extra points are given for a multiply disadvantaged applicant c, 8 extra points are given for conditions involving child-care d, 8 extra points are given for an impaired applicant The admission is determined by a board composed of the delegates of the departments responsible for the education of the programme.

The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) offers a variety of tests that are used for various healthcare educational programs.

The Aptitude for Practical Nursing Exam includes academic subtests and a personality section to determine what kind of working environment is right for you.


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