Of Mice And Men Lennie Character Essay

George seems be a very strange character, who even though plays as a very definite and sharp person, also seems to have weaknesses that depend on Lennie.Just like Lennie who relies on George very much, I think George also relies on Lennie.

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A migrant worker who travels from farm to farm with his mentally impaired friend Lennie during the Depression.

The two dream of earning enough money to buy a small farm where Lennie can tend rabbits.

In the realistically dismal novella Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck sympathizes with poverty-stricken characters that are stuck working towards the hopeless American Dream.

He portrays the men and women as human beasts, stranded in a world of...

For, example at the beginning, Lennie is caught carrying a dead mouse, but George strongly orders him to throw it away " 'You know god-damn well what.

I want that mouse.' Lennie reluctantly reached into his pocket." "George's hand remained outstretched imperviously.

Despite the many problems that Lennie causes George, he stays with his simple-minded friend as a buffet against loneliness and he retains a palpable hope that the two will eventually leave the aimless life of a migrant worker to live a more fulfilling existence. A gigantic, mentally disabled man, Lennie is simplistic and docile.

He obsesses over simple sensory pleasures, particularly finding great joy in touching soft things, whether a cotton dress or a soft puppy.

A profound part of what contributes to the feeling of loneliness...

Daisy is a pivotal character in The Great Gatsby – Fitzgerald’s interpretation of an old money princess is oft regarded as one of the most selfish fictional characters to exist throughout literary history, perhaps the epitome of a ‘Femme Fatale’....


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