Of Mice And Men Friendship Essay

This conversation between George and Lennie confirms that George wants Lennie to stay with him because George knows that Lennie would be incapable of living on his own and George sees Lennie as his responsibility although at sometimes it can be inconvenient for George.

Throughout the novel George is only trying to get the best for Lennie even up until his death proving George is a good friend.

Topics that are about bonds between two people and about people who are lonely.

In chapter 3 we get a better understanding of Lennie's mentality, how they came to be together and what their relationship used to be like in comparison to how it is now. Throughout the novella George has always shown trust and protectiveness when it comes to Lennie and always reassures him when he has done a guilty act. George doesn't kill Lennie out of anger, but he doesn't seem to do it out of justice, either.

For example, we learn that George used to play tricks on Lennie and take advantage of his backward behaviour, but then George talks about a certain event that changes his behaviour towards his large friend. One day a bunch of guys was standin' around up on the Sacramento River. I turns to Lennie and says, 'jump in.' An' he jumps. It seems that George has no choice but to kill Lennie.

For example, after shouting at Lennie, the author describes how George reacts 'ashamedly'.

This shows his sense of guilt for becoming angry with Lennie as he knows his friend does not truly understand. George wished to have a leisurely life and Crooks hoped for a world where he was not discriminated against. Lombardo February 27, 2010 In the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck many topics come up throughout the story.These controlling ideas are used to make different themes in the story.George calms Lennie by telling him `"But not us,' he said, `Because I got you an'-" (104).George really wants the best for Lennie and wants to save him from a painful death, so he makes sure Lennie is calm and happy, and then he kills him in a painless fashion.It makes the reader feel kind-hearted towards George as this is the first time we have really seen him do a good deed towards Lennie that doesn't have an advantage to himself.In the tragic world of the novella 'Of mice and men' Steinbeck portrays the relationship between the protagonist known as George Milton and the foil also known as Lennie Small.George is keen to protect Lennie and feels ashamed when he is the one putting him in a state of fear or anxiety. Middle The word "behind" is used twice to show the status of the characters, George was behind someone already but instead of Lennie standing beside him he was behind him, showing that Lennie was already of a lower status once they had arrived. Well, I ain't done anything like that no more".' This quote quite clearly shows how George used to take advantage of the fact that Lennie was not all there and not as smart as other people. Throughout the novel, these dreams were changed and sometimes even forgotten.This may also show that George seems to be protecting George which suggests Lennie is quite weak mentally. Because of this, Steinbeck gives the impression that the American dream can never truly be fulfilled to the dreamer's original standards.George is characterized as a serious, short tempered man but he has a strong bond with Lennie. Lennie is characterized as a slow-witted friendly man.He had always told a story with Lennie about a dream and while he was saying the story Lennie says, “But not us! Lennie is a loving person he is the nicest creature but he has a strength that he cannot control.


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