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Literal death by inhaling gas parallels the metaphorical death Wily feels to afford such a basic necessity.

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Additionally, Willy sometimes has a dual past-and-present conversation inside of a flashback. Bigsby writes in his introduction to Death of a Salesman that these phenomena are not flashbacks at all, but constructions.

These techniques contribute to a fluid sense of time in Miller's play. Willy remembers things the way he wants or needs to remember them.

In his memory of being discovered with her by Biff, three things show Willy's desire, in hindsight, to prevent it or undo it. His subconscious emphasis on these factors may or may not alleviate some of his guilt.

Throughout the play, Willy mentally converses with his older brother Ben.

He does this because Willy believes the boys are the pinnacle of 'personal attractiveness', to him they He tries to kill himself by inhaling gas.

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This is ironic as gas is a necessity that Willy strives to provide his family with.

Try it risk-free This lesson will define the term 'flashback' and discuss the types, structure, and purpose of flashbacks in Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman.' Finally, it will examine the significance of four major examples of flashbacks in the play.

You've probably seen countless movies involving flashbacks, or scenes from a character's past that are spliced into the present plot. Arthur Miller uses them in Death of a Salesman to illuminate Willy Loman's search for wrong turns taken in his family's personal and financial history. Instead of linear, clearly defined movements between the past and present, Miller's flashbacks move through layers of time that sometimes intersect, sometimes parallel each other.

Willy shouts at Biff about the math class, but also tells his sons that school doesn't count for much.

It is unclear whether Biff or his father are to blame for Biff's career failure, unwillingness to get married, and theft of an expensive fountain pen. In his recollected conversations with The Woman, Willy clings to the notion that The Woman 'picked (him),' not the other way around. When Biff sees her, Willy kicks her out immediately, without even giving her time to dress.


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