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John's participation on the North Carolina Council for Entrepreneurial Development, plus his experience providing consulting services to small businesses, catalyzed the formation of the Cambridge Strategy Group. Kuczaj, Managing Director: Todd has worked in Internet consulting, Web design/development, financial services, and media publications for a variety of companies, including a Big Five consulting firm, Integrated Information Systems Inc., Sun America Securities Inc., and the Foothills Sentinel.Todd currently functions as an experienced analyst for a Big Five consulting firm, working with Fortune 100 and Fortune e-50 firms to solve their business and technology issues. Cordell, Managing Director: Ben has worked in business development, account management, systems engineering, marketing, and product development positions at Life Serv and ONE Co. Ben currently functions as a corporate strategy specialist at Life Serv, discovering and developing merger, acquisition and strategic partnership opportunities.

We will invest in an end-to-end digital experience that improves online services, enhances discoverability, and facilitates the online curation of content to help all users derive more value.

We will focus on exhibitions, learning spaces, educational materials, and cultural programming to transform visitors into users of our services and contributors to our mission.

This would most likely need to cover at least one year's salary for each of the three managers.

Additionally, funding for initial marketing projects would help to ensure that the firm could establish a claim to the "small business consulting" concept in the target market.

FINANCIAL SUMMARYThe market for Cambridge Strategy Group's services is enormous.

Initially, the three founding members intend to work part-time on this venture while maintaining full-time positions with other corporations.

In exchange for the funding, CSG would provide an equity stake to the funding company.

Ideally, we would like to work with the funding company to help its other clients succeed.

We will proactively bring elements of the Library to the American people and enable broader use of our collections, experts, and services.

Create valuable experiences for every user to foster lifelong connections to the Library.


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