Nursery Business Plan Template

BUSINESS STRUCTURE We have been making efforts for more than two years now towards making the establishment of our plant nursery a success.We will not be able to achieve this vision if we are unable to fully promote our brand and products and create more awareness.This is why we have consulted sales experts and come up with the following sales and marketing strategies: FINANCIAL PLAN Source of startup Expenditure We have been able to carry out a detailed study on the amount we will need to startup our plant nursery business.The plant nursery will be located in Florida, United States, and it will be solely concerned with providing its products and services to its customers in the United States, and at the international level. In order to start up our plant nursery business, we have been able to determine our startup capital and the source of obtaining it.Our startup capital will be obtained from three sources: from the owners’ contribution, from the owners’ friends and families, and from their banks.Also, we will make sure we expand into the global market and take our place.Aside providing our products and services in the United States, we will also provide our products and services to countries such as Mexico, and Canada and other countries.It is one business that can offer you the exciting prospects of enjoying your agricultural works while making good returns in investments at the same time.According to the Northwest Farm Credit Services’ website, the plant nurseries and greenhouse industry realised more than estimated sales revenue of 0 billion in the United States alone, in 2006.A business plan is essential for the running of any venture no matter how big or small.It is not just THE basis of your applications for grants and private funding, but it will also act as a much-needed fixed point in the otherwise hectic world of running a business.


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