Nursery Business Plan

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When it comes to plants, people act in completely irrational ways! I don’t even know if I understand the psychology of people and plants well enough to explain it. We constantly see people traveling 25 or 40 miles if not farther to buy small plants. Not because of the money, but because of what you have the ability to do with your hands. I like to say that; “I grow small plants that make others happy.” Because . Your over head expenses are almost nothing compared to any wholesale grower they are currently buying from.

Plant lovers have an insatiable appetite for plants. When you grow and sell small plants people have a very high regard for you and what you do. In my book; “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home” I tell you exactly how to get landscapers and garden centers to buy from you. We have two traffic lights because a main highway passes through here. I started my little plant business two years ago, sandwiched right between two other nurseries. My property goes really deep, but it’s only 114 feet wide. The only thing that separates my nursery from Richard’s is a one lane dirt lane that we share.

Along with the daily – and often dramatic - ups and downs of life as a toddler, you’ll have a complex business model to manage.

Rules and regulations, staff training, strategic planning, cashflow monitoring, customer service challenges, reputation management, ongoing marketing: they’ll all require your attention.

Different types of production systems - container and field production- are discussed as well as the types of plants typically grown in Southwest nurseries.

Starting a business involves many decisions that will culminate in the development of a business plan.

Kenny was taking a short cut on our dirt lane from his dad’s nursery down to his house about a mile north of my nursery. We toured it this summer when I had a bunch of my customers at my place for our annual “Shindig at Mike’s Plant Farm”.

His dad’s nursery actually butts up to the back of my property. My little plant business is surrounded on three sides by other nurseries. It took us almost an hour to take the tour riding on wagons pulled by tractors. Brown’s nursery to the west is my friend Craig’s nursery.

Get your nursery business plan in order from the start and you’ll have taken the first step towards opening the doors to your very first mini-customers.

In the private day nursery industry, it will inform your decisions as you progress through the set-up process. Do you need professional advice about the legalities? This should follow a set structure, divided into clear, information-packed sections.


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