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For the first years, the MSN program focused on preparing the nurse for the advanced professional role of family nurse practitioner (FNP).Later, in response to the diverse graduate education needs of Maine nurses, our graduate program expanded to prepare nurses for professional roles such as nurse administrator or other professional roles.

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) sequence prepares graduates to function in an advanced practice role for direct health care services that integrate preventive and self-care measures, as well as the diagnosis and management of commonly occurring acute and chronic health conditions.

The role also includes participation in and use of research, development, and implementation of health policy, and education of individuals and groups.

Your role will be to provide input into the selection process and follow through with the assigned preceptor as directed by the Coordinator.

We are responsible for interviewing new preceptors and ensuring their ability to provide this important piece of education for students, as well as setting up contracts and other necessary paperwork.

Nurse Practitioners function in a more interdependent role, given their initial training and experience as Registered Nurses.

in fact, in many states, Maine included, NPs can function independently within their scope of practice, providing primary care services to families and individuals.

The focus of the FNP track is to prepare FNP graduates who will provide patient-centered quality care to individuals and families across the lifespan.

The FNP role includes preventative healthcare, as well as the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic illness and preventative health care for individuals and families.

They are intended as a way to facilitate a student's progress to degree while providing important professional development.

The University of Maine School of Nursing developed its first graduate program in 1992 and the initial group of graduate students received their MSN in May 1994.


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