No Motivation For Homework

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The homework itself should be short and frequent, not long and few.

Every year there is inevitably a news story about overwhelmed fifth-graders who come home with four hours of homework every night.

We are all familiar with this learning is easier when the task is interesting and seems important to master.

Studies suggest that teachers who use homework to develop students’ motivation and interest in the subject have students who put in greater effort on homework and demonstrate higher achievement.

Every fall, the same debates persist: Is homework even effective? The problem with homework is motivation, or the lack thereof, because the major challenge for making homework an effective tool for learning is that even nothing often seems better.

As a researcher focused on teacher and parent practices that support student achievement, I believe that the call to action is clear: Teachers and parents must focus on motivation to make homework a valuable part of the learning process.

Set short term goals for yourself and work hard at attaining them, when you do, reward yourself with a treat or any form of recreational activity, and though it may be difficult, deny yourself simple pleasures when you fail to reach your goals.

Procrastination is not uncommon among high achievers and this method has proven effective for many of them in the past.

A better strategy is to help kids feel autonomous by giving them some choice about homework and emphasizing that they should work in their own way. Teachers and parents need to provide feedback about the homework product, not the student.

Feedback can be tricky when it comes to motivation because inevitably, no one likes to hear about what they did not do well.


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