Newspaper Reading As A Habit Essay

So if you read them regularly, you will be able to become a better student. Newspaper is playing a hugely positive role in the society and education sector. It will be amazing for us to read a good newspaper and gain knowledge. I love reading English newspaper mostly because I’m an English learner.

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But sometimes I also read Hindi and Bengali newspapers. ‘The Indian Gazette’ is the first-ever newspaper in sub-continent that was published in 1774. Other papers are mainly based on research articles, essays, stories, long-time analysis, etc.

And we have seen thousands of newspaper in India and it’s increasing day by day. If we divide them according to publishing time then mainly there are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly newspapers. If you look at the yearly newspaper, they just come with a few yearly reports on several things.

They form an important link between the government and the public.

The public comes to know about the government’s policies etc., through them.

They are the watchdog of democracy and human rights.

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Thus, they play a very Constructive, social and political role. They expose anti-social and anti-national elements. Many scandals and cases of corruption in high places in Pakistan were brought public notice only because of them. They should never be used as a means of selfish propaganda. False and prejudiced reporting gives rise to rumors and harms national interests. With the spread of education and literacy, they are becoming more and more popular. Newspapers give us the latest news of the home and the world. They are the cheapest, the richest and most popular source of the latest news. Reading newspaper has become a regular habit with the people. They listen to them read with attention and interest.The reading way has just changed and everything is okay.The most important thing about reading newspaper is, it helps us to grow and become mature. When I wake up every morning, I start my day by reading some fresh and knowledgeable news.All across the world and every region have access to the newspaper. If you are a dedicated student, you would love to learn more things on your education topic.The newspaper contains amazing contents these are related to your study. It helps us to know what is happening all around the current world. Reading newspapers is the first activity of the morning with most of the educated people.In this age of information, newspaper reading is a must. They inform the readers about the government, administration, policies, planning and other activities.It is the best medium to get connected with the entire world. It is one of the best sources to get knowledge and learn better skills.We can get access to the newspaper on the internet for free and there are lots of very low-cost daily newspapers that will deliver in your house.


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