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To buy what we really need, to vote for who we really support and to befriend those who truly care for us we have to think critically.

To buy what we really need, to vote for who we really support and to befriend those who truly care for us we have to think critically.The phrase ‘fake news’ is becoming more and more common.

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One way of helping to focus your critical thinking is by considering the 6 W's: Thinking critically is a skill that is taught at school and university BUT its main purpose is to better equip you to understand the world, to make more sense of the vast amount of information that is available to us and to avoid, being manipulated. It is vital in our everyday lives to be able to question why people are saying things to us be it the government, our friends or the advertising industry.

If we accepted everything we heard and read and saw, without question, we would be open to constant abuse and manipulation.

Newspapers and television news outlets have been guilty of showing their editorial bias a bit too much as well.

The difference is that the 24 hour news cycle means there is an overwhelming amount of information out there and it never stops flowing.

One sign that the story you are reading or watching is valid is that the author’s or journalist’s credentials are clear.

You should easily be able to tell who is presenting the story, what organization they represent, and how they are qualified.

You should also be able to back track from the link to a reputable home page.

If you can determine that the person is a truly qualified, subject-matter expert, then the story may likely be accurate.

Anybody can adopt a negative position to any point of view simply by saying "no" but this is not being critical, more often than not this is simply being awkward.

In this era of so called 'alternative facts' it has never been more important to question our sources of information.


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