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Larger implications of my findings indicate that well as the less developed countries have struggled to economically grow without much success, new technologies seem to have succeeded where other resources have failed. What is happening anywhere in the world is now syndicated the world over and can be reported at the same time in Washington, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Kampala.

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It explored the impact of the technologies in news and information reportage.

However, the research method used in the study is the survey research method on practicing journalists.

My research will therefore enrich media theorists who lacked information on how the new media has heavily influenced African journalism.

I established that Africa’s media density and Internet connectivity are quite low.

I was deployed by the editor to gather news, write stories and generally attended the daily journalists’ meetings.

I also interviewed 35 journalists, writers, editors, subeditors and managers.Finally, I distributed 200 questionnaires of which 101 were returned filled in.I tried to establish how far ICT/New Media has advanced print media journalism in Uganda.Mobile phones and social media platforms, which are of great importance in this thesis, are used for contacting friends and families, gathering news but also as a tool for organizing a getaway.Therefore this bachelor thesis aims to answer the research question “How and why refugees might change their ICT behaviour when migrating to Europe? Until now, this questions has not been answered in the literature.Based on the method of discourse analysis, the interviews reveal that the mobile phone as well as social media platforms are of great importance for refugees as they enable them to take part in their loved ones lives despite the geographical distances.On the other hand refugees did not changed their ICT behaviour now living in Germany compared to their home country, the purpose, however, did changed.The sampling technique used was the purposive sampling technique which is the non- probability sampling technique, also the sample size was determined using the Taro Yamane’s formula (1964) which was 122.It used questionnaire to generate data and chi-square to test hypothesis.influence of information and communication technologies(icts) on news gathering (a study of practicing journalists in owerri municipal council)Abstract This study “Influence of ICTs on news writing, a study of practicing journalists in Owerri municipal council” has positive impact on news writing and reporting because the advent of modern technology has really done great thing in our country.It is relevant to journalism practice because every technological breakthrough brings with its new audience, new orientation, new prospects and challenges.


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