Netapp Disk Assign

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The exception is when you have partitioned disks (if you haven’t check that out yet, i wrote an short article on that subject here: Net App c DOT – Advanced Drive Partitioning).

If terms like an aggregate or RAID group are quite new to You, please refer to my older entries: Net App – Data ONTAP storage architecture – part 1 and Net App – Data ONTAP storage architecture – part 2.

In this entry I would like to show you how to build new aggregate, how to extend one, and how to manage your spare disks, and how to utilize your brand new disks.

Once the new shelf is connected to Your cluster new disks should be assigned to one node as spare disks.

As you can notice, the all 24 disks has been assigned as spare for host c DOT_node1.

(Plus 3 spare disks from other shelf that was already assigned to the system) To create or extend an aggregate, we need spare disks available.

We had to do some emergency maintenance with a new Net App shelf a few days ago and found that because we were working with an older version of the firmware, there were commands that did not exist on the filer so we ended up using the GUI and CLI to work around the problem.

Note: Some of the commands may not be necessary but I wanted to list all the steps we had to take to get this to work so I’ve highlighted the steps that is possibly not needed in .

FAC02* Sun Sep 26 EST [FAC01: unfail.reassim:info]: Disk 0b.17 Shelf 1 Bay 1 [WDC WD1002FBYS-05ASX NA01] S/N [WD-WMATV8015493] was unfailed, and is now being reassimilateddisk unfail 0b.19disk unfail: unfailing disk 0b.19...

FAC01* Sun Sep 26 EST [FAC01: unfail.reassim:info]: Disk 0b.19 Shelf 1 Bay 3 [WDC WD1002FBYS-05ASX NA01] S/N [WD-WMATV7977641] was unfailed, and is now being reassimilateddisk unfail 0b.21disk unfail: unfailing disk 0b.21...


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