Nature Vs Nurture Debate Essay

Nature Vs Nurture Debate Essay-21
Nature represents what we are born with and cannot control.Our biological make up is determined by the genes we receive from our parents (reside in the 23 pairs of chromosomes, 23 from each parent.) “A gene is a segment of DNA or a sequence of nucleotides in DNA that codes for a functional product,” (Tortora, Microbiology. 575.) These genes not only affect our outlook, but also play a significant role in determining our behavior and our well-being.

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This new approach finds a middle ground between nature and nurture.

The conclusion that nature and nurture are complementary and work hand and hand to shape a behavior (a purposeful and meaningful activity) is not a compromise; it is a result of a vigorous study of each of the components of the equation of heredity and environment and their affects on determining one’s development and behavior.

People in this camp argue that man is a product of his environment.

Some extremists went as far as saying: give us any new born infant and we will shape him/her just the way we want, by placing him/her in the desired environment.

In understanding a behavior, both nature and nurture are taken to consideration.“Moreover, it is perfectly obvious that human social life is related to human biology…Of course, neither biological nor cultural determinists ever wish entirely to exclude the significance of the other.” (R. p.267-268.) Many psychological illnesses can be explained as a result of combined genetics and environmental factors.

As already stated in this paper, schizophrenia has genetic basis.

” As one grows from infancy to adulthood, social experience plays a critical and constant role in the regulation of growth , behavior and emotions,” (Glick, Marion E.) Here we are told that social deprivation at different stages of development can lead to abnormalities in the stress hormone system, which may produce severe and long-lasting physical, neural and psychological consequences.

It is also interesting to consider the gender differences due to the change in environment.

Few decades ago, women were considered inferior to men in their achievements.

Today, even though the misconception of gender roles in society is still present, we can clearly see the gap between men and women narrowing due to the change in environment.


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