Nature Versus Nurture Essay

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These traits are inborn and embed within the individual hereditary factors.In most cases, they constitute the physical characteristics of an individual.

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Nurture refers to an individual 's environment and social experiences.

Nature refers to a person 's biological inheritance, such as his or her genes.

Individuals learn these traits from the way they are socialized within the immediate social or cultural environment. However, all agree that nature and nurture play a crucial role in determining an individual’s behavior.

In other words, such behaviors are conditioned by the cultural values encouraged by the immediate society. Nature is associated with heredity roles in determining the individuals characteristics where as nurture is associated with the role of socio-cultural environment in determining the individuals behavior.

Understanding how one develops requires that we take into account nature and nurture.

Nature Versus Nurture Essay Thesis Statement For Love Is Not All

When examining how my personality was formed, I take into consideration both nature and nurture.They also determine the physical behaviors such as walking style, physical appearance and eating habits.At the same time there are learned characteristics which are normally being conditioned by the socio-cultural values.However, I think that nurture has played a much larger role in shaping my personality.Nature is the influence of genetics or hereditary factors in determining the individual’s behavior.In other words, it is how natural factors shape the behavior or personality of an individual.In most cases, nature determines the physical characteristics which in effect influence the behavior of an individual.This essay on Nature Vs Nurture was written and submitted by user Mary Jane Wats0n to help you with your own studies.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. It is because of socio-cultural environmental conditions that the differences in the behavior of individuals occur.Nature determines individual traits that are hereditary.


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