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The main compound of plant-based VOCs is isoprene and its derivative, terpene.

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(The last D implies compromises to the sidewalk or pavement by roots, or to branches which could impede a person passing by the tree.) Streets Ahead is part of a £2.2 billion, 25-year PFI contract with Amey plc to maintain the city’s roads, pavements, streetlights, and trees. Amey is a private, multi-national infrastructure support service provider, for whom chopping down a tree is objectively more economical than maintenance over the long term.

Of the thousands of trees already cut down, subsequent examinations have concluded that many of these trees were healthy, structurally sound, and, in some cases, very old.

They determined the varying contribution of VOCs from vegetation to ozone levels in Berlin as follows: ~9 – 11 percent on average days in June and August, ~17 – 20 percent on average days in July, and ~60 percent during the heat wave.

Researchers have reported that there are “crucial knowledge gaps associated with exacerbated emissions of pollen and volatile organic compounds, which may increasingly contribute to tropospheric ozone and particle formation under future climatic conditions” (Grote et al., 2016).

To celebrate this document (issued concurrently with the Magna Carta), the Charter for Trees, Woods and People will be launched by the Woodland Trust, together with more than 70 organisations from across multiple sectors, to “build a future in which trees and people stand stronger together”.

People are invited to sign if they agree with the 10 Tree Charter Principles, and a tree will be planted for every signature. After it closes, in November 2017, the Charter may serve as a policy instrument and help to inform decisions about how trees and woods are managed.) Beyond the pleasing, round number of an 800-year anniversary, the timing of this initiative is resonant.

Most of us know how “good” trees are for the urban environment, and for the planet overall.

Whether you’re a human, an insect, a fungus, a bat, a bird, a four-legged omnivore, or an amphibian, we all love trees.

Accordingly, the Tree Charter aims to facilitate interest and engagement; promote the development of ecological sensibilities; and encourage the development and expression of personal connections with trees and woodlands.

Only when we care for something will we protect it.


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