Narrative Essay About Forgiveness

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Discord with a neighbor or co-worker can be healed. The healing and peace that can come from forgiveness may indeed seem heaven-sent.

Appeal to your own higher –or divine – nature and see if you can forgive, and move on.

She was suppose to be my best friend, but I thought that it was very odd how she would ignore me for 2 weeks at a time for no apparent reason, she would tell me that she was “in her own little world” and she didn’t feel like talking to anyone, but I was the only one who she didn’t talk too.

Even after all of that, I was still there to forgive her.

I’ve known her since first grade, she was my best friend since the day that we met.

I grew up with her and experienced so many new things in life with her.When we were younger, Jazmine always had a negative outlook on everything.From my perspective, I would consider her a compulsive liar because she would lie about everything, such as little incidents, serious topics, and things that we would talk about occasionally.It was during the summer that we stopped talking as much as we used too because she lied to me about being pregnant twice to my face.When I found out the first time I confronted her and she told me that it was a lie to get a girl jealous, I thought it was a excuse, but I believed her, later on that week, she posted a bulletin on a website called “Myspace”.One time was when we were in 7th grade, it was the first day of school, and she was extremely happy and funny in the morning, but later on in the day she got very upset and depressed for some odd reason.I asked her what was wrong with her, and she pulled me aside and told me that she was raped by her next door neighbor.You may not have heard of English poet Alexander Pope, but you have probably heard his words.Screwing up (to err, in other words) is human indeed. In relationships, mistakes –the biggies and the not-so-biggies –happen. Though you may think of God as the final dispenser of forgiveness, you and I have the power to forgive as well.During the summer of 2007, we got into a huge argument, and we didn’t talk for 3 months, but I was the one to apologize and try to talk to her.This past year, we’ve gone our separate ways and were both okay with it.


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