Napoleon Thesis Statement Animal Farm

Napoleon Thesis Statement Animal Farm-4
By studying poems in this way, it is much easier to develop that conceptualised, comparative response.The two main problems with using quotations in essays is a) they don’t know enough so they use the only ones they know (“solitary as an oyster” anyone?It’s important that their revision prepares them for the comparative focus of the exam. Select any two poems and write a thesis statement comparing the poems.

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Napoleon Thesis Statement Animal Farm

These strategies help them to memorise more quotations, but also to help them pick the apposite ones to support their ideas.’ (This is also a useful strategy for remembering the quotation itself: see this blog on memorising quotations I wrote for Bradford Research School) We can provide statements and exam questions for students, but the goal ultimately is to ensure that they can do this for themselves.Another activity is to pick two (or more) quotations from the stack at random and ask which argument would be supported by these quotations.Knowledge Organisers are useful tools, but the presentation of them in hierarchical lists can be a little unhelpful when trying to organise them into more complex conceptual ideas.In our Animal Farm Knowledge Organiser, we have placed key quotations next to a line of argument in order to reinforce the idea that we don’t just memorise a quotation or a fact about a character in isolation.So, instead of teaching a lesson on propaganda in Animal Farm, you might frame it as a thesis: This means that new information can attach itself to a clear line of argument, meaning that it can be used to help form the thesis statement later.Instead of a lesson on Ignorance and Want in A Christmas Carol, it is framed as a thesis: I think it is important that we read the book before we study it.But I think the place where we can develop this most is in our students’ revision.Revision It is useful to design revision materials in such a way as they help students to form lines of argument about characters, themes, events in the texts that they are studying.You can share the quotation and ask how they support the argument.You can have the statement and ask them to write out the corresponding quotations.


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