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Now, as for the question "is My Asiggnemnt Help reliable?", the answer is quite simple – any company that employs the use of lies to cover their tracks will lie to you if it would benefit their ends. Now, my story with My Assignment Help is quite plain.

You should fill out the empty boxes regarding the subject's name, word-count, deadline, and work level (high-school, diploma, college, and such).

After filling out the formal part, proceed by defining the assignment description box, reference style, weightage, and remaining semester.

There are three writing levels – Distinction (A grade), Credit (B grade), and Pass (C grade).

Personally, I didn't like this one bit, as, in my opinion, no company should charge you for a C-class paper.

After carefully sifting through more than a hundred comments, I've concluded that there's no middle ground – the comments are either completely negative or completely positive, but there's a catch.

The negative comments are nearly unified in reason and logic whereas positive comments seem urged and dictated.The only speck of light is the discount option – namely, you'll get 10% My Assignment Help discount for each referred friend.In general, compared to other services, prices were much higher.The revision policy is plain – it states that you can change and revise your assignment within the time frame of one month, but not beyond.If a month passes, you won't be able to neither revise your article nor get a refund.First of all, you'll need to register, providing your name, e-mail, and other personal information, after which you'll need to fill in the assignment submission form.After submitting the form, you'll need to contact the so-called "assignment expert".Anyhow, such things are very common in this line of work.In fact, scam companies are in abundance, so much that they're more numerous when compared to actual legit essay writing services.In addition, My Assignment Help charlatans provide only 250 words per page that isn't fair and correct. You can get your paper done in five selectable academic levels – the high school, diploma, undergraduate/college, post graduate/university, or Ph D/Doctorate.This is fairly common practice, but it's worth mentioning. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that you can benefit from "special offers".


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