My Family Essay For Kg

My Family Essay For Kg-24
Our family, both immediate and extended, was that village.

Our family, both immediate and extended, was that village.

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Finally, The place they live in like a house, apartment, flat or farm etc.

My family consists of my dad, mum, one brother, one sister and myself. We all live in a big house in a farm in the country side.

It was also an event that would determine the outcome of my feelings about my family. This is when extended kin Since my mother worked, I was responsible for my younger siblings – one sister and one brother. So much so, that my mother nicknamed me “Old Lady”.

This meant I had to be sure homework was done, dinner was served, chores were done and curfew was enforced. The younger siblings dared not disrespect their elders and we truly believed that it took a village to raise a child.

I remember an incident when my cousin Michelle was “mouthing off” at my grandmother. My uncle served as the self-appointed big brother and bodyguard. And if you dared to act inappropriately, we would have preferred to be put out of our misery than to sit through an hour lecture from him, which was a definite.

Not only did my grandmother “pop” her in the mouth, but when my two aunts found out about it she got popped again.

I was lucky, I have learned differently, because my family cares about me, and I care about them.

In this world of doubt, insecurity, and fear, my family is always there for me, holding their arms open to me with love.

Furthermore, dad is fifty years old and mum is 45 years old. Hence, above is a short sample on how to write ten sentences about your family in English.

My brother Sam is a students at high school and he is 17 years old. Finally, I am 19 years old and I am at college studying to be a mechanical engineer. In addition, you can write some sentences about your family likes and dislikes.


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