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During that hard time, I do really need a person who can go through with me in that kind of situation.But as soon as I opened my eyes, I realized that there is no such word as a perfect man, because nobody is perfect.As I grew older, I finally understand the true meaning of love.

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I also think in a relationship there has to be some type of physical attraction.

In my ideal mate, I would look for someone who is tall, handsome, and almost the same age as me because I don’t want a big age gap between us.

In my case, my ideal mate would practice the same religion because I think if someone belongs to the same religious community it makes it more likely that they will share common expectations for family life.

Also studies show that a couple of the same religious community will enjoy each other’s company and would have a lasting marriage (Maureen, 2003).

As having a sister with mental illness who needs to be take care of her hygiene and her safety, it is lucky to have a very supportive person in life.

People with mental illness can be violence and can sometimes we can’t predict her behaviour.

In the same way, he does not need to be rich because money cannot buy true love and our own happiness.

A responsible, caring and supportive will be enough for me.

Many young adults are facing challenges when selecting a suitable mate who they would hope to enjoy marital success.

A perfect spouse is impossible to find, but an ideal one may be easier.


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