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I am innocent despite what you 12 people think …” This book includes 108 of Mumia’s commentaries. Mumia has written thousands of pieces, so choosing only 108 was very difficult. I wanted a variety, so after the 600 or so were selected, I went off and found others that addressed the politics of the Caribbean, Haiti, Africa, Puerto Rico …

That was where we did the first “Live From Death Row” conversation in the classroom with Mumia.

My Carnegie Mellon students are big nerds and tech geeks. Because I think seeing people as icons distorts your own self-image …

I asked Fernández about the book and their work together: Susie Day for Truthout: What was it like the first time you visited Mumia? Like, what the hell am going to tell Mumia Abu-Jamal – on death row?

But before long I was visiting him and about 10 other men on death row at SCI Greene.

She went on to become the first person in her family to graduate college.

Mumia Abu Jamal Essays

By the time she was doing graduate work at Columbia, Fernández had become a revolutionary socialist and considered Mumia “the Che Guevara of our time.” When Fernández moved to Pittsburgh, to teach at Carnegie Mellon, she started visiting Mumia.They helped me figure out how to have Mumia call into the classroom. But I do think Mumia’s case is important because he’s the target of the state.He talked to the students and the students talked to him – it was transformative. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has identified Mumia as the world’s most infamous “cop-killer,” and they go after him rabidly.So began a friendship and collaboration destined to last well beyond the publication of , a new collection of commentaries by Mumia Abu-Jamal, which Fernández edited.Fernández now teaches history at New York’s Baruch College, and Mumia’s death sentence has been commuted to life without parole – though he’s facing serious illness in prison.One he kept; two he sent out to women who were the telegraphers of his words from death row.Some of these pieces were published by a local newspaper, The Scoop USA, which is a local circular.That’s important for this new generation of young people coming to political consciousness.I also wanted to include “10 Reasons Why Mumia Abu-Jamal Should Be Freed.” That’s what’s different about this collection; it addresses the case.For that essay, Mumia actually lifted part of his statement of innocence from the public record.He’d already declared in court, before his sentencing: “I am innocent of these charges that I have been tried for …


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