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And I think they were playing secondary markets, on purpose. I had figured out the floor cloths, which I was basing on the back cover of .I left out the features, but I put in the flowers and the bones.

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Earnie Bailey (guitar tech): It became a running joke. I remember bringing it backstage, and I’d given it to the tour manager. ” And I said, “I have some sketches.” Tom Mc Phillips (production designer): I had a formula for doing the show.

So when they were invited to do the show, we had some big questions to figure out. I think it was the Guild I brought Krist [Novoselic], knowing he didn’t have one. We were in a room after the show, probably with 20 people, the band and crew, and there was franks and beans on the table. And [the bass] was handed to Krist, and he said, “Cool, look at this. ” And I was like, “No you can’t.” I said, “Sorry, I lend this to other people on the show. It usually involved hanging soft goods around the room.

The lead singer even helped design the set, asking for it to be decorated with stargazer lilies and black candles.

The room’s haunting vibe later led the event to be described as sorrowful, but despite Cobain’s well-documented struggles at the time, the evening was far from dour.

As the show progressed, those in attendance began to realize that what they were watching would become legendary.

“You knew for sure that history was being made,” said former MTV executive Amy Finnerty, who worked closely with Nirvana. You’re lucky if you get to be at something like that once in your lifetime.” .

Everybody was just really excited when they agreed to do it.

Mark Kates (A&R, Geffen Records): Kurt wanted to prove to himself that he could do this in an artistically successful way.

Twenty-five years after the historic performance that became the band’s best-selling final album, we talked to producers, directors, musicians, and fans present for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s greatest performance .

That night, the biggest group of the decade staged one of the most hypnotically intimate rock concerts ever captured on film.


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