Movie Vs Book Essay Rubric

Movie Vs Book Essay Rubric-63
The major attributes of the novel would have made the movie more interesting. In the end Bernard and Lenina live happily ever after, while John fell off a cliff instead of committing suicide. John could not handle the pressure of conforming to the One State’s ways.In the movie, John’s death was more of an accident.

They had sex earlier on in the movie, compared to the long time it took them to sleep together in the novel.

I feel that if the director of the Brave New World movie would have stuck to the same exact story line of the novel, the movie would have been more popular.

He tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a window, but the window was an electronic image on the wall of Bernard’s apartment and shattered once he ran into it.

Bernard’s image is a huge difference between the novel and the 1998 movie.

The praise of Ford is equivalent to our religion today. In the novel, the characters went to services in which they danced and had orgy porgys in worship of Ford.

They crossed their arms in a T formation, which symbolized the model T to be a cross.

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In the novel, Bernard was the one to stand up and question the ideas of the One State.

In the movie, Bernard was “cool.” People liked him, and he looked like the other smooth individuals of the One State.


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