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If you are using MS Word, there are several features that you can use to make it easier to prepare and manage a long document like a thesis.For practical advice and tips, read the Using Long Documents in MS Word Study Guide.Keeping your workspace tidy will help you avoid unnecessary distractions and stay focused on your work.

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Ask your Postgraduate Tutor if there is a group in your Department or College.A common problem is to not give enough time to your thesis - regular writing is not only good for your progress, it will help you gain confidence, develop a more effective writing style, and make sitting down to work much less off-putting.Another common problem is to confuse thinking about work with actual work (procrastination) or to worry that what you have written is not good enough (perfectionism).You may also want to seek feedback from friends or fellow researchers.Here the feedback may be less detailed, but it can help your motivation to hear from people you trust that you are on the right track.Writing your thesis is hugely demanding and it is easy to forget basic rules for healthy living: All these things will help you maintain your motivation, stay positive, and manage stress.You can find lots of easy to follow advice on the NHS Live Well Hub.Research students are encouraged to make seeking feedback from their supervisors a regular feature in their work plan.Seeking feedback from your supervisors will help you to manage your writing in two main ways: The feedback that your supervisors provide is likely to address both positive and negative aspects of your work.If you find yourself in a situation where your work is affected by these problems, the best way to deal with them is to speak about them to someone else - perhaps your supervisory team or a friend.Talking about the issue will help you clarify your thoughts and make a decision that enables you to move on with your work.


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