Most Difficult Decision Essay

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If anything I can look back at my last two years of university in England with ironic optimism, a sentiment no better expressed than through the words of A. Milne: “How lucky I am to have something so difficult to leave behind.” The magnitude of my decision to study abroad hasn’t hit me yet; I’m assuming this will happen when I’m sitting in my new, unfamiliar room, in a strange setting.

Her classes at the Università di Bologna include English Literature and Italian language.

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Or do I dare pluck up the courage to embark on a journey, where only uncertainty awaits me?

Most Difficult Decision Essay

" This sense of uncertainty sparked my curiosity, reigniting my desire to travel and explore, which is why I ultimately made my decision to study at the University of Bologna.

Obviously, I know their enthusiasm was really due to wanting me to grasp an opportunity that may not present itself again, especially once I’ve been swallowed into the daily grind of full-time employment.

(Though, their eagerness did cause me to think that if I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Oh, if only I had had that opportunity when I was your age,” I would certainly be able to scrape myself out of the ever-deepening void of my student debt.) After listening to the opinions of others, I realized my choice must be solely my own.

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