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Because the National Guard is the combat reserve of the United States Army, combat arms branches that are not available to Army Reserve officers (since the Army Reserve focuses on combat support and combat service support) are an option for some officers in the National Guard.

However, because the National Guard is organized inside of geographic boundaries at the state level, it is quite possible that a branch available in one state is not an option in another state.

How each score is weighted in the formula is a mystery to me.

The higher you rank the better your chance is at scoring a branch that you want.

For example, in my state of Wisconsin, I branched Armor so I could get assigned to a Cavalry unit, but if I was hoping to drive M1 main battle tanks I’m out of luck. In the National Guard, the OML for a particular group of commissioning officers includes ROTC as well as OCS graduates.

Whether this is true in every state for every commissioning class I don’t know, but I know it was true for our traditional OCS class.

See the section above for all policies related to retake vouchers.

Back to top Once you have a voucher, you may assign it to yourself.

You can find out which officer branches are available to newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenants by visiting the Army’s recruiting website.

As officer candidates progress through OCS, the branching process unfolds to balance the Army’s need for officers in some branches with the preferences of individual officer candidates.


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