Montana 1948 Conflict Essay

The motif of silence is also used to explore theme of injustice when Wesley, Gail and David are driving home silently from the ranch. While he thought things were not all good, we know from the noise that nothing wrong has happened.

The silence foreshadows major role reversal as Gail argues for the law and Wes answers that God will punish Frank. She argues “sins – crimes – are not supposed to go unpunished” (p 85). The morning that Frank dies, the light is ‘overcast, dim, so there was no sunlight flooding my room’ (p 154), all foreboding that Frank’s death will cover the truth.

When David’s story begins, his life is a stable and happy one, and his family are close and loving. He chooses to tell his parents what he knows, or at least part of what he knows, about Uncle Frank.

It is this stability and respect though, in which the much loved and admired Frank is held by both the townspeople and David, that make the events which occur so shocking, particularly for David. This shows that he is developing in the area of honesty.

So start looking for info on how each character, main characters, David got knowledge from.

"The reason Wesley, the reason Marie didn't want to be examined by Frank is that he-he has..that your brother has moleste Indian girls." Gail says this.

David is surprised Julian hasn’t done anything about it yet.

The motif is used to accentuate the injustice in the society.

Montana 1948 is about the loss of innocence and the painful gain of wisdom. Montana 1948 a series of tragic events were to have a major impact on David and his parents.

David’s shocking revelations lead to his painful gaining of wisdom.


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