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College admission officers have not been in high school for a very long time.They might have been through a divorce or had to support their spouse through the death of one of their parents or children.

College admission officers have not been in high school for a very long time.They might have been through a divorce or had to support their spouse through the death of one of their parents or children.

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The first time I went to Harvard to hang out with friends, I met a student who was raised by wolves.

Yes, you read that right; she actually grew up in a wolf rehabilitation community.

Think about it: talking about your love life seems .

Maybe a breakup feels like the biggest hardship you have faced thus far, or perhaps you think the way you supported your 10th grade girlfriend during her science competition seems like a great metaphor for how you plan to support your university community.

So, lesson learned, read over your Common Application, and at the end, ask yourself, “What’s missing?

” Who knows—the answer to that question might be the basis for your admission essay.

I would write about the sound the ball makes hitting the back of the goal, how my adrenaline changes in that moment, how all the sounds around me slowly rush into my ears afterwards.

Then, most importantly, after describing the moment, I would write about its significance by connecting it to some larger idea or meaning or characteristic about myself.

Focusing on a moment that changed your life—such as the time you broke your back as a kid in a car crash, or the time your dad told you the family was moving to a different country—can also function well in your college essay.

A good friend of mine in high school had to answer an interesting question for the school where he ended up enrolling.


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