Mla For A Comparative Essay

When comparing items, you need to use a transitional expression to present the difference between the two things being compared.

Some of the transitional expressions like similarly, likewise and both can be ideal when writing a comparative analysis.

A good conclusion of a comparative essay tries to convince the audience about the differences or similarities of two issues discussed by closing up the argument.

The conclusion is the last section of an essay, a good conclusion gives the audience something to think about or an enlightened reason.

A good thesis should make the relationship between two items because it is this relationship that the author will use to build his arguments in the following paragraphs.

When writing a comparative analysis, you need to state all the common features of item A, and B then followed by their difference.The thesis should indicate the nature of the texts or events to be analyzed, including their relationship as part of your thesis claim.“In high school students find it difficult to form positive relationships with teachers, they view teachers as their enemy, however, after several years, students learn to appreciate the efforts made by teachers.NOTE: When you write a compare and contrast essay, be sure that the two things have enough in common.Even if you have many differences to analyze, if the topics or items you’re comparing don’t have much in common, your audience may wonder why you’re writing about the two things.“ When comparing two people, it is important to use appropriate transitional words that link your argument to the thesis.Without these links, readers cannot understand the logic of your arguments.Below is an example of a comparative analysis conclusion. Janise have different teaching styles that make students develop a positive attitude towards learning, though they do this in varied ways.Madam Mary is strict and emphasizes on quality work, Mrs. Their approach to teaching is beneficial to a diverse community because students respond differently to learning.Some teachers can be bad while others are good.”“Although Madam Mary and Mrs.Janise are among the most respected teachers in our school, their teaching styles differ significantly.


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