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Regardless of why YOU want to know which schools don’t require any extra essays, we’ve got you covered.

See below sample schools that don’t require extra essays this year.

The beauty of science lies partly in the discovery itself, in bringing some small aspect of how the world works into focus.

But there’s beauty in another part of discovery: the messy, human, and failure-littered part of how it came to be.

That word—failure—prompts such a negative reaction, doesn’t it? But without it, without failure, we could not be our best selves. as I do the other engineering feats of Machu Picchu.

The stairs are slabs of cantilevered granite that must be anchored deep within the stone block wall, but they appear to float on hundreds of feet of gaping freefall above the valley floor.Anyway, I never really thought I’d get the chance to achieve that dream; it was one of those things you sort of tuck away, never expecting it to really happen.But about five years into performing improv comedy a million times a week in New York City, I was asked to make an audition tape for the show. Yes, I was bummed, profoundly so, but it wasn’t earth-shattering, it didn’t knock me off my feet, because at that point I was already so used to this feeling, which may sound depressing but I promise it wasn’t.When the Common Application came along with the premise of making the college application process easier than the many individual applications for each college, students and teachers rejoiced. NOW, most colleges seem to have 3 or 4 of their own supplemental essays in addition to what’s asked on the Common Application. Because they DO want to know more about you such as why are you applying to their school and what has been your most meaningful activity in high school (a prior question on the old Common App).Some schools however, are bucking the supplemental essay trend and relying only on the Common Application. Well, maybe because they’d like a LOT more applicants so they can have a more qualified pool from which to select.The moment you leave college and call yourself a writer or an actor or a dancer or a mime or a dance-mime, you’re saying to yourself and the world, “Ninety-nine percent of the time this will not work, but I am going to proceed anyway because I am generally insane.” To be asked to remember a significant failure when you are constantly failing professionally is like asking a basketball player to remember a time they missed a shot.So unless you’re a basketball player who makes every single shot you have ever taken (I commend you, future Le Bron), the failure thing is going to take up most of your time.I smile to imagine it all, because in considerably less grand ways, I’ve been there. Suppressing feelings of inadequacy, feeling ignorant but grasping anyway because you’re curious, you might be onto something. In science, failing reflects your bravery in asking hard questions, your daring to venture into the unknown, and ultimately, your belonging in a community that sees beauty in the struggle.is to embark on a career of comically constant failure.I loved “Wayne’s World” and Will Ferrell and the way Don Pardo said the words “musical guest” in the opening credits, stressing the “MU” part—“MYEW-sical guest.” I had a fantasy of sitting in the audience during the dress rehearsal, watching Paul Mc Cartney practice his set for the show, then after he was done I would walk up to him and say, “Nice set, Paul,” and he would nod and walk away.For some reason, he completely ignored me in my fantasy.


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