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From the very beginning of its profound transformation, Poland has been continuously attracting the attention of the international business community.In the fall of 1993, the influential New York City investment bank, Morgan Stanley, was the first to use the expression "European tiger" in referring to the Polish economy.

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In 1994, US Department of Commerce officially named Poland one of the world's ten Big Emerging Markets.

The next year, the renowned British business newspaper Financial Times in its March special edition summarized the Polish economy's 5-year achievements by the phrase "Shock therapy works a miracle".

These industries require processes that cannot be rushed, or in other cases breezed through.

Over time, the author, and many of the welders and fitters he worked with, made the transition from welder to welding business owner.

As a personal example; the author has learned how to work on Wall Street, and as a pipe welder.

Both jobs, for much the same reason, the large paycheck.And at the end of 1995, Busines Week magazine in its feature article on Poland presented the Polish economy as the "hottest" in Europe.Today's Poland offers enormous business opportunities. Various investments made so far by American and Western European firms have already proven to be successful and profitable.For example; simple jobs such as a small pipe located in a tight spot may take a week to weld properly. On the other hand a million pound structure can be installed in just a few hours.If, you do not understand the metallurgy issues that come with fabricating metal products, then stay away from welding related industries.They heard of successful high-flying welders, somewhere in the world, making thousands of dollars a week.Welders today, just as the gold seekers going to California during the nineteenth century, travel far, and work hard for the lure of big money.They travel the whole world for jobs, becoming what they call “road warriors", risking health and well being, spending their own money, and doing just about anything for a fat paycheck.They work hard to get the really big money jobs, for example; the government defense contract jobs.It examines a business venture begun by American citizens in Poland and covers, among other things, banking procedures relevant to this country.Also note the estimates for projected revenues and costs; although doing business overseas may seem risky and unfamiliar, given the correct preparation, it is as likely to succeed as any business in North America.


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