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Hello, School has just started again and my world history class is on its way to getting back to work.Our teacher just announced our first research paper which has to be PERSUASIVE.

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And with the development of various technologies, lots of lives then were changed.

So, if you have been asked to write an argumentative essay on this time in history, you would surely not run out of ideas to write about because there are lots of fascinating things to write about as shown below.

If there is any time in history that arouses a unique kind of interest in writing historical essay topics, it is the Middle Ages.

There were lots of acts and activities that inspired most of the technological inventions and improvements we are experiencing today.

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Castles, knights, kings, and queens are often what students associate with the Middle Ages.

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MAKE YOUR SELECTION BELOW: [ send me this paper ] This 5 page paper reveals that the crusades greatly impacted the growth of Western Civilization through increased contact with the East, the opening up of new trade markets, the Arab influence on styles and customs, and changes in military practice. Filename: [ send me this paper ] A 5 page paper that provides and overview of humanism during the Italian Renaissnace and considers the impacts on social constructs, religion and medieval thought. Filename: [ send me this paper ] A 6 page analysis of two books on this topic--Garin's Italian Humanism; Philosophy and Civic Life in the Renaissance and Baron's The Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance: Civic Humanism and Republican Liberty in the Age of Classicism and Tyranny.

Lives were changing all over Europe and around the world as technologies were being developed.

The history of the time makes it possible to write strong argumentative essays today.


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