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Further exploration of the topic beyond the works included here would include the vast literature on both medieval art and medieval pilgrimage, treated independently. Pilgrimage in the Byzantine Church, the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and the Crusades are consciously excluded from this listing as well.Other directions include the many sources on individual sites and saints’ cults. Of the many pilgrimage sites in western Europe, this survey deals with only the largest: Rome, Santiago de Compostela, and Canterbury, and the rather distinct practice of pilgrimage in medieval Ireland.Chareyron 2000 is noteworthy for its attention to pilgrims’ experience of art and architecture in Venice.

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Mâle 1922 is a broad iconographic study of 12th-century French art, important for being the first art historical work to identify the pilgrimage routes through Spain and France as channels for the transmission of visual art, a theory indebted to Jacques Bédier’s studies of epic poetry.

Sumption 1975 is an accessible overview of medieval pilgrimage, though imprecise in many specifics.

Four cathedrals along the routes, the Cathedrals of St. Lazarus, who is said to be raised from the dead by Christ in the Christian religion.[2] St.

Lazare, Burgos, Leon, and Santiago de Compostela, are examples of Medieval architecture. Ferdinand commissioned the Burgos Cathedral after he married his wife in the Old Burgos Cathedral.[3] Leon Cathedral was originally built as a Romanesque church for the crowning of King Alfonso V, but was later rebuilt into its Gothic form.[4] Santiago de Compostela was built over St.

James’ tomb and became the center of pilgrimage, with the scallop shell as the pilgrimage symbol.[5] St.

Lazare and Santiago de Compostela Cathedrals are examples of the Romanesque style (which came before the Gothic style) and the Leon and Burgos Cathedrals are Gothic.

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As Christ looks out, not addressing those being judged, it shows that it is too late for the souls to fix their wrong doings.[17]This is a strong image to pilgrims, or anyone who may see the sculpture.

It shows them their fate, especially by representing one of the souls as a pilgrim and allows them to think about their life decisions or future decisions. Lazare lintel, the lintel of the portal on the west façade of Leon Cathedral shows a comparison between heaven and hell and is arranged in a similar manner.[18] The left side is heaven and the right side is hell.


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