Medical Law Dissertation Topics

It does but only in the sense that it has an influence upon the formulation of the rules of contract law.

Topic shall be in Arbitration as it is related to Construction Law.

Does the Lloyds Bank Merger raise issues in relation to Company take overs or mergers?

Is Companies Act 2006 very different from Companies Act 1985 with regard to small companies?

Impossibility of performance of contract in English law analytic study and argument.

Principles of English commercial Contracts, International commercial contracts-a comparative analysis. The fact that English law does not recognise the existence of a doctrine of good faith does not mean that good faith has no impact at all on English law.

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To what extent flexibility is provided for insurance regulation in European Union and United States.

A critical discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of codification of directors’ duties: the South Africa perspective.


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