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The amount of energy availability and its usage in a country measures the level of industrialization.Several devices including machines, electronics, household electrical appliances and other domestic equipment and machines, industrial prod...The equations of motion are derived for the nonlocal double body Euler–Bernoulli, Timoshenko and higher-order beams connected by a flexible layer under ex...

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The Air is then compressed to a high pressure in the compressor and discharge into the combustion.

Here the air is missed with gas and burns continuous once ignited to increase its energy level at constant pressure.

The current work suggests mathematical models for the vibration of double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) subjected to a moving nanoparticle by using nonlocal classical and shear deformable beam theories.

The van der Waals interaction forces between atoms of the innermost and outermost tubes are modeled by an elastic layer.

This is a thesis on the improvement of an S1 grinding machine.

It has an overview from description of machine, material selection, design and a developed summary to help understand how improvement can be made.Two (2) specimens (steel rods) of length 150mm (each) for both steel compositions were obtained.Out of each was gotten four (4) specimens of 10mm length, 10mm diameter and two (2) specimens of 50mm length, 10mm diameter. For each steel composition, one (1) specimen of 10mm length and one (1) specimen of 50mm length ...Exergy investigation is a thermodynamics strategy which allows for the assessment and improvement of a refrigeration system in terms of efficiency and performance with basis placed on the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The major components of a gas turbine are compressor, combustors, turbine and generator.It operates by continuous drawing in fresh air into the compressor.The problem is studied for the nanowires with linearly varied radii under fixed–fixed and fixed–free boundary conditions.In order to assess the problem in a more general form, a perturbation technique is proposed based on the Fredholm alternative theorem.ABSTRACTOne of the most important resources of a nation is energy.The significance of energy definitely cannot be overemphasized as it is immensely utilized in our everyday activities as a very germane requirement for survival and robust lifestyle.Abstract- Palm kernel production potentials of several countries are far from been fully exploited.At present, many countries are operating below expected capacity.


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