Meaning Of Creative Writing

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In 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', vampires exist in the real world.

Most people conduct their everyday lives oblivious to the fact that vampires and wizards exist, but they do exist to the enlightened few and the audience in the world that the writers created. Rowling created a secret world in the Harry Potter series, where wizards and witches exist under the nose of the unsuspecting general public.

Fantasy Writing Fantasy writing is a sub-genre of speculative fiction which includes writing categories like science fiction, supernatural fiction, horror, apocalyptic fiction, and so forth.

Unlike science fiction, fantasy avoids scientific themes.

A writer is given free scope to create characters, places and scenarios to their liking.

And not everything has to be created – you can place fictitious characters in an existing city or town, or, base characters on existing people and place them in unrealistic surroundings or scenarios.Crime fiction is often categorised into subgenres, for instance: Poetry Poetry is more a major form of literature along with novels, novellas, plays (drama), and short stories rather than a genre per se.However, within poetry are many genres and subgenres.That is not to say that there is not a wide range of styles available for children - there are, we just don't tend to categorise them as rigorously.Although some of the subject matter may have similarities to adult literature it is not presented with the same degree of profundity.A story which appeals to a higher level of moral development may be suitable for an older child as might a story in which the protagonist empathises with his enemy, whereas most younger children would struggle to grasp these concepts.Therefore, familiarity with developmental levels is a useful aid in writing for children.The fantasy genre has also been popularised by video games and television series such as 'The Dresden Files' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.In 'The Dresden Files' a wizard exists in modern day America.The beauty of creative writing is that you really are only limited by your imagination.A genre refers to the type or category of story you are writing.


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