Mcdonalds Case Study Analysis Strategic Management

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This case analysis report is structured as a descriptive case analysis and will only convey information to the reader.

However, the information provided will be detailed and substantial to enable the reader understand the problems faced by Mc Donald's and how they can be resolved for the future of the company or organization.

Management is responsible for the management, and if any mistake or errors take place, Mc Donald’s need to manage it staff, chef, and especially the team for cleanliness and the team take feedback from the people.

Effective management strategies are needed, Mc Donald chef should be changes and they should bring innovation in the menu, other brands have many things in menu, however, Mc Donald’s is following its same menu from years; Mc Donald’s should hire expertise or new experienced chef who can do innovation, and can introduce new products in the menu.

The authors also state that once the company or organization has made its strategic choices, it is able to understand their strategic context in order to define the critical tasks that should be undertaken and ensure that these critical tasks are in line with the culture, people and activities in the organization.

Strategic choices can be incorrect and may act as critical tasks off the organization's target.

The customer of modern age, are well aware of everything related to food, so strategies should be made, that can persuade customers, and quality, clean food should be given to people.

MCDONALD'S CASE ANALYSIS REPORT Case Analysis Report Mc Donald's case analysis report Mc Donald's has grown significantly from the early days of having a single outlet to the current status where it has more than 26,000 restaurants which are located in 120 countries.

The authors argue that companies must first identify which their core competencies are and how they provide the company with potential access to a wide market base which makes a significant contribution to the benefits of the consumers and the company's competitive advantage as a result of competitors being unable to copy the strategies under use by the organization.

The authors also state that a company must also reorganize their strategies in order to evaluate the opportunity for strategic alliances which provide them with competitive advantage and/or focus on their development internally as a source of competitive advantage.


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