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Cartesian coordinates – Ordered number pairs that are assigned to points on a plane.Chord – A line segment that connects two points on a circle.Even number – An integer which can be divided by 2, with no remainder.

In the context of polynomials, term can mean a monomial with a coefficient.

To 'combine like terms' in a polynomial is the basic operation of making it a linear combination of distinct monomials.

Coefficient – A number that is placed in front of a variable. Common denominator – A number that can be divided evenly by all denominators in the problem.

Complementary angles – Two angles in which the sum of their measurements equals 90°. Coordinate graph – Two perpendicular number lines, the x axis and the y axis, which make a plane upon which each point is assigned a pair of numbers.

For example, A series is often represented as the sum of a sequence of terms.

Mathematical Terms

In general mathematical use, however, term is not limited to additive expressions.

Arc – A set of points that lie on a circle and that are positioned within a central angle. Average – The numerical result of dividing the sum of two or more quantities by the number of quantities.

Binomial – An expression in algebra that consists of two terms. Canceling – In multiplication of fractions, when one number is divided into both a numerator and a denominator.

a geometric solid consisting of a plane base bounded by a closed curve, often a circle or an ellipse, every point of which is joined to a fixed point, the vertex, lying outside the plane of the base.

A a solid consisting of two parallel planes bounded by identical closed curves, usually circles, that are interconnected at every point by a set of parallel lines, usually perpendicular to the planes.


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