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For example, math homework is due on Mondays and spelling is due on Fridays.Or, give all homework assignments for the week on Monday and have them due on Friday.” We can assess students’ learning with a test or classroom assignment.

The passes are highly visible, colorful and designed to be a great reward for positive student behavior, concept mastery, or academic performance.

You can also make it so if it’s turned in early, students get extra credit. The teacher would write five homework assignments on the board on Monday, and students must choose three assignments to turn in by Friday. Students don’t need to do 20 math problems to see if they understand it.

If they did it wrong, then they just practiced it wrong 20 times.

I know from when I was teaching, and now being an administrator, normally you don’t get 100% of the students turning in homework.

A few weeks later, they came back to me.“It hasn’t stopped.


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