Maternity Cover Offer Letter

Most permanent jobs, when you leave to start a new post in a different school, you put your end date as 31st August to ensure you get paid over the summer. You have to leave, and you wouldn't get paid over the summer holiday (eg for august). You can complete 2 terms of your NQT induction and then perhaps more depending on the budget in March. There are so many unemployed teachers at the moment!

You are not allowed to work for two weeks after childbirth (or four weeks if you work in a factory) as this period is Compulsory Maternity Leave. There are two types of maternity pay – Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Maternity Allowance (MA). If you qualify for maternity leave, the last 13 weeks are unpaid.

There is a sample letter changing the return date that you can use. You should check in each job you have to see if you are entitled to any contractual maternity pay, then check to see if you are entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay.

She said wether i can extend my contract depends on the budget next year which comes out in March but i don't understand that, if it's not to do with the maternity cover person coming back and taking the job back then surely they will still need the same amount of teachers?! I don't want to turn down a job in the current climate were in, but don't wanna be screwed over either....

You need to find out how long the contract is for, before you agree.

Having correct draft letters, forms and checklists can save you time, and help you manage information quickly and easily, in running your business.

These free samples are organised into the three sections to help with: The key documents include job descriptions, staff appraisals and some of the different methods, and letters in handling discipline when an employee has broken important company rules.

I think most jobs after PGCE are for a year at first anyway, my housemate is a NQT and she just had to reapply for her job after being there for one year. So i should find out exactly how long the contract is for, before signing it?

Im pretty sure she said whatever happens i can complete my NQT year and she also said that whether i stay or not depends on the budget that comes out in March - surely that's nothing to do with the person on maternity leave then?

Your maternity leave is divided into 26 weeks Ordinary Maternity leave (OML) and 26 weeks Additional Maternity Leave (AML).

Your employment contract continues while you are on maternity leave and you can continue to benefit from some of your rights under your contract.


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