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The thesis should be written in the first person (use of the pronoun “I”), as it describes the student’s individual work: experiments, rationale, hypotheses and conclusions.

theses, we highly recommend using 12 point un-condensed Times New Roman font for clarity.

Many print U of T doctoral dissertations and masters' theses are listed in the library catalogue.

Older print theses may be listed in a card catalogue at the particular library in which it is held.

All other Doctoral and Masters theses are found at the TST College libraries, and will be archived to TSpace over time.

For materials other than theses see the Toronto School of Theology community.For specific information please see the SGS website.The Toronto School of Theology is an ecumenical federation of seven member colleges: Emmanuel College, Knox College, Regis College, St. The Toronto School of Theology is the largest ecumenical consortium for theological education in Canada.• Note that: older theses are listed ONLY in the card catalogue at Gerstein; cards indicate location either at Gerstein or in campus departments.Ask at the Gerstein Information Desk for assistance.If the student and supervisor feel that the data within a very large table (more than ~10 pages) would be better presented in an electronic format, the student may include this data as a CD/DVD appended to the thesis.Movies should be presented as a series of representative stills in the appropriate data chapter.The movie should also be included on a CD/DVD that is physically appended to the thesis.Once approved by the examining committee, the thesis and the associated data that is contained on a CD/DVD is electronically submitted to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). It is not acceptable to refer to online supplementary materials published by the student within the thesis. Introduction Inclusion of Very Large Data sets, Movies, and References to Published Supplemental Materials All data relevant to the M. thesis must be included within the thesis and distributed to supervisory and examining committee members for editing and evaluation purposes.


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