Master'S Thesis On Suicide

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Little is known about the epidemiology of suicide and suicidal behaviour in the Philippines and although its incidence is reported to be low, there is likely to be under-reporting because of its non-acceptance by the Catholic Church and the associated stigma to the family.This study aims to investigate trends in the incidence of suicide in the Philippines, assess possible underreporting and provide information on the methods used and the reasons for suicide.Official suicide rates are lower in the Philippines than in many other countries in the Western Pacific region [7], although there is likely to be under-reporting because of its non-acceptance by the Catholic church and the associated disgrace and stigma to the family [8].

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The incidence of suicide in males increased from 0.23 to 3.59 per 100,000 between 19.

Similarly, rates rose from 0.12 to 1.09 per 100,000 in females.

Data for suicide deaths occurring between 19 were obtained from Philippine Health Statistics.

Age- and sex-specific trends were examined graphically.

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Underreporting was investigated by comparing trends in suicides, accidents and deaths of undetermined intent.

To provide a fuller picture of suicide in the Philippines, a comprehensive search for published papers, theses and reports on the epidemiology of suicide in the Philippines was undertaken.

The only predominantly Catholic country in Asia, it is an archipelago of 7,106 islands, with 66% of the population living in urban areas [4–6].

Around 33% of the population are impoverished, in spite of reported economic growth in recent years [5].


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