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The number of points each question of a Problem Set is worth is based on the estimated time to complete it. Syntax errors in mathematical expressions are not counted as an attempt, provided the software recognises it as such.

As discussed in the next section, the software allows you to preview your answer using the button: we advise you to always use this feature before actually submitting your answer.

My impression is that most of the problems in Mastering Physics are actually just minor variations on the problems in the printed text, but I don't actually know for sure.

I wonder whether this statement by Palazzo is out of date, or was perhaps unrealistic even in 2010 and influenced by assurances from Pearson's sales reps. 6, 010104 (open access) someone who had experience with Chegg.

From what I can tell, Chegg's business model is designed to make it practically impossible for a textbook publisher to do what Palazzo claims Pearson does. Before I had even finished explaining the question, some of them were already laughing.

It seems like it would be an endless game of whack-a-mole. They say that 100% of Mastering Physics questions are on Chegg, including both the conceptual questions and the quantitative for 2 types of assignments in PHY138: Pre-Class Quizzes and Problem Sets. This document discusses the software in general, and also provides information on how it is implemented for the course.You must have cookies and Java Script enabled for your browser.[footnote 1] Pearson regularly searches for posted solutions to its Mastering- Physics problems and requests that they be removed from the web.Question: Does anyone have any reliable information about whether it's true that Pearson is (or still is) successful at this?In my classes, I use an open-source system rather than Mastering Physics, and I also haven't paid for access to Chegg, so although I can search for the text of a problem in a printed book and see it pop up in Chegg, I can't see what the solution is.I also don't have access to the text of the problems in Mastering Physics, so I can't search on the text of those problems.As mentioned above, we strongly recommend that you do the Introduction to Mastering Physics, which provides an excellent introduction to using the software.We will use a screen shot of part of that Introduction to discuss some of the features.Palazzo et al., "Patterns, correlates, and reduction of homework copying," Phys. Homework website used by colleges to make students google every question on chegg or yahoo answers because clicking anything will take of 50%.


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