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If you don't need the hints to solve the problem, you can still use them for review later on.Matter is classified in many different ways, including by its state (solid, liquid, or gas) and by its composition (pure substances or mixtures). State Solid Atomic/molecular motion Atomic/molecular spacing oscillation/vibration about fixed point close together Shape definite Volume definite Liquid free to move relative to one another close together indefinite definite Gas indefinite indefinite free to move relative to one another far apart ANSWER: Reset Graphic A Graphic B solid Graphic C gas Correct Part B Classify each type of matter as an element, a compound, a heterogeneous mixture, or a homogeneous mixture. A pure substance has a specific chemical composition, and all samples of the substance have the same composition.A mixture, in contrast, is a combination of substances in which each substance retains its own identity.For example, when iron rusts, the iron atoms combine with oxygen atoms to form a new substance, iron oxide. Classify descriptions as applying to physical changes or chemical changes Classify the following descriptions by whether they apply to physical changes or chemical changes. ANSWER: Reset Physical changes Help Chemical changes change in composition phase change chemical reaction no new substance produced new substance produced ANSWER: Reset Physical change slicing a banana Chemical change condensation of water vapors tearing aluminum foil carving wax bleaching hair silver tarnishing burning paper frying a chicken Correct When tarnish forms on silver, the outer layer of silver atoms has reacted with sulfur to become a new substance, silver sulfide. You received 14 out of a possible total of 14 points.Part B Classify each of the properties as a physical property or a chemical property. These exercises are not intended to teach or test your knowledge of any specific subject material.Therefore, you will not be penalized for using hints or submitting incorrect answers. Mastering presents homework items assigned by your instructor and works with you to answer them.Hot coffee: Hot coffee is typically prepared by steeping ground coffee in hot water and then removing the spent coffee grounds.Gold: Gold is a soft yellow metal that is a good thermal conductor. Sugar: Table sugar (sucrose) has the chemical formula C12 H22 O11 .ANSWER: Always wear protective clothing, appropriate gloves, and eye gear when in the chemistry lab.Part A You happen to be visiting Northern California and you are driving by Suisun Bay, a notorious graveyard for old ships. What is the difference between a chemical change and a physical change?


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